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These are the basics of our Organic Grow

We will be covering indoor setups another time but for the purpose of this article let’s imagine we already have our indoor setup installed and ready to go. The amount of space will determine how many plants we will have but for this exercise we will be utilizing a 1 meter x 1 meter x 2 meter Mammoth Grow Tent. We can easily fit 4 of our 20 litre Maxgro Fabric Pots in this size tent for our Indoor Organic Soil Grow.

Using 4 x 20 litre pots we know that the total volume that needs to be filled is approximately 80 litres. We will use 3 of the 30 litre Dirty Hands Inc. Orgasoilux bags to fill these pots as 3 bags will give us 90 litres of soil. Now that we have filled our fabric pots with soil we can start the planting process.

If you have germinated from seed we suggest that you plant them into smaller pots first to ensure good root development before transplanting into bigger pots. For our Organic Grow we started off with some clones that we rooted using rooting gel and Jiffy Glue Plugs. They were all the same strain and we suggest if you are utilizing a Trellis Net to stick to one strain in order to create uniformity. The net does help to train the plants and keep them equal heights but when you have different strains they all require different feeding schedules and some might grow tall and others shorter.

Our clones were in 10cm plastic pots so we made a hole in the soil that was big enough and put the pots in, now we have created our shape so we removed the pot and clone again. Now that we have created our hole we added a tablespoon of Mycorrhizal Fungi from Mycoroot into the hole. Next we squeezed the small pots gently and turned them upside down so the root ball could come out in one piece.

We suggest always letting the soil dry out a bit before transplanting otherwise the soil and roots are still wet and this could make it crumble during transplant. We then inserted our pot shaped root ball into our pot shaped hole to make the perfect fit. The roots will come into contact with the Mycorrhizal Fungi and this will create a symbiotic relationship, helping with root development and transplant shock.

For our Organic Grow we are going to be using an alfalfa mulch and red clover cover crop. We suggest sprinkling your cover crop seeds on top of the soil and gently working it in. Then we add our layer of alfalfa mulch, making sure that we cover the soil lightly with it. Cover crops are great for attracting beneficial insects when you are growing outdoors. We like using red clover indoors as it is a nitrogen fixing plant and grows well with the alfalfa mulch which contains the plant growth promoter triacontanol.

Our plants are finally in their new homes and ready for our Organic Grow , all they need is some water. We like adding a microbial product to our first watering (Effective Micro Organisms, Environoc 401 or Explogrow) and when we water we start off with 5% of the pot capacity every couple of days for the first week. During the second week we go to 7% and from week 3 until harvest give them 10%. In our 20 litre fabric pots this would mean we start off with 1 litre, then 1,5 litres and finally 2 litres.

These are just guidelines and every grow’s situation is different, temperature and humidity will play a part in your watering frequency and amounts. A good guide is to stick your finger into the soil at a depth of 2 or 3 centimeters and if the soil is moist it has enough water.

The Dirty Hands Inc. Orgasoilux contains enough nutrients for at least the first 4 to 6 weeks of the plants life. Depending on the plant’s size and growth we will feed 1ml of Dirty Hands Fish Hydrolysate per litre of water. As the plant’s grow we can increase this amount to 5ml per litre if we see that the plants need more Nitrogen. We usually alternate between giving plain water and feeding nutrients.

During the vegetative growth stage we added a cup or 2 (250ml to 500ml) of Nutricast as a top dress. Nutricast is a premium organic bio fertilizer that contains earthworm castings and bio humus.

If you are growing from seed you might have to vegetate the plants for an extra 2 weeks compared to clones. For our Organic Grow we let the plants vegetate under a 18/6 light cycle for 6 weeks in order for us to fill our trellis net, after which we change the light cycle to 12/12 and let the plants know it is time to flower.

At the beginning of flower we top dressed with a cup (250ml) of Madagascan Bat Guano which works out to approximately 10-15ml of fertilizer per litre of pot size. Madagascan Bat Guano is a premium organic flowering and fruiting fertilizer. This should see us all the way through to the end of flower.

Other organic products that can be used for a Organic Grow are as follows:

Vegetative Nutrients: Dirty Hands Inc Bio Nitro, Bio Boost, Cannabis Vegetative, Terra Aquatica Pro Organic Grow , BioBizz Fish Mix and BioBizz Bio Grow .

Flowering Nutrients: Dirty Hands Inc Bio Phos, Cannabis Reproductive, Terra Aquatica Pro Organic Bloom  and BioBizz Bio-Bloom.

Feeding additives: Captain Blackstrap Molasses, Flamma, Agrisil K50, BioBizz Acti Vera, BioBizz Bio Heaven, BioBizz Top Max.

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Indoor Organic Soil Grow
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