Germinating Cannabis Seeds – Paper Towel Method


Germinating: Whether you’re an avid rookie completely new to growing cannabis or an experienced connoisseur, something that we all have in common is that we all, to our best ability, want to provide our cannabis seeds with their very best head start in life.

You’ve done the research, your long awaited – highly anticipated pack has finally arrived! It’s time to pop these beans! But the internet is vast and the information bountiful. Overwhelmed and feeling unsure which is the ‘right’ germination method.. Now what?

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Something I may refer too quite often but really, it is an important piece of perspective.

Although there are many talked about, tried and tested techniques, methods and preferences. Old school vs. modern and innovative concepts to germinating cannabis seeds. Arguably the simplest, common, cost effective method of germination is the paper towel method. Simple.

You’ll need:

  • 2x pieces paper towel
  • lunchbox/ container/ zip-lock bag
  • pH neutral water (any water is fine so long as it is clean)
  • shot glass

Firstly, in a shot glass, soak your cannabis seeds for roughly 6-8hrs. Cover/ avoid sunlight (you can use your cupboard as a safe place).

After the bean soak, moderately dampen the paper towel, make sure the paper towel is not dripping wet when you pick it up. You do not want to have water running underneath the paper towel. Not too wet, not too dry. Next, carefully place your beans finger distance apart from one another.

Thinly cover the seeds with the second dampened paper towel, allowing the seeds to slightly show through the paper towel.

Seeds can germinate anywhere between 12hrs-3/4days. Be patient, sometimes older beans can take longer to germinate!

Some growers may prefer to germinate with a heating mat and/ or propagation chamber/ dome. Whereas some growers still prefer to germinate in their cupboard, whatever works for you!

Personally, I prefer to germinate seeds using a container, tap root side down, covered in a brown paper bag at a +- 20 degree angle (encourage normal root formation rather than J-root/ pigtail) then leave in the veg tent.

Check up on your seedlings at least every 12hrs.
Not too long later, you will see the root tip begin to emerge and grow.
Once the tap root (radicle) has developed, it is time to transfer the seedlings into jiffy’s.

You’ll need:

When Soak the jiffy plugs in pH neutral water. Once expanded and evenly saturated, gently open the jiffy hole slightly. Drop a generous pinch of Mycoroot into the jiffy.

Carefully, with the root facing downward, position the seedling into the jiffy plug. Next, gently cover the seedling with medium so that it is not directly exposed to the light.

Mycoroot is beneficial fungi which form special symbiotic relationships with plant roots. The fungi will source nutrients and minerals and transfer these macro and micro nutrients back to the seedling.
The jiffy plug will be wet for days, you do not need to water the jiffy daily – only when it is dry!

Many seedlings and young plants wilt and die as a result of over watering. It is important to feel the medium before watering. It should be moist and lightly stick to your finger and/ or fall off. The medium should not be wet or muddy. Seedlings need moist and aerated medium for roots to properly grow and spread out. Roots cannot form well and travel poorly in an oversaturated environment.

Your seedlings will start growing very quickly and soon you’re needing to make the next decision – soil? Coco? Hydro? Nutrients or Organic? Indoor or Outdoor?

Keep an eye out for our expanding blogs! We’ll be here to guide you through the most need to know topics and discussions! Please feel free to leave your comments we would love to hear your feedback!

Happy growing, happy hunting.

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