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Agrisil K 50 Overview |

Dilute at 3ml per litre.

An effective, liquid Silica Supplement.

Boost your crop’s defences against biotic and abiotic stress.

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Dilute at 3ml per litre.

An effective, liquid Silica Supplement.

Boost your crop’s defences against biotic and abiotic stress with Agrisil K 50 from Madumbi.

High analysis Potassium Silicate for boosting plant Silica levels.
Silica is one of the forgotten nutrients when it comes to plant nutrition. Silica has many benefits to offer by building the plant’s capacity to protect itself from pests, disease and abiotic stress factors. AgriSil contains Potassium Silicate in a plant-available form, designed for agricultural use as a foliar or soil application. Unfortunately silica is deficient in 70% of South African soils.

Application Instructions
Related to this high alkalinity
Buffering agents – Not all buffering agents are compatible with AgriSil K50®. Tenderbuff has been confirmed to be compatible with AgriSil K50. Aqua Rite 5 is not compatible.
Check for compatibility before making large tank mixes. Always conduct a jar test before mixing product or consult your distributor.

Silica salts in general are highly reactive. Avoid mixing with products containing
salts of magnesium, calcium, zinc and aluminium.

High alkalinity will irritate skin and eyes. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes and take necessary precautions when using the product. In case of accidental contact immediately flush eyes with clean water and seek medical advice.
Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.


Shake container well before use.
Fill spray tank with half the required water volume and start agitator mechanism. Ensure adequate agitation is maintained during mixing and application.
Add the AgriSil K50 to the tank. Complete filling of the spray tank. If required pH of tank solution may be reduced to pH 4 with citric acid. This will improve compatibility in a tank mix, particularly with acidic fertiliser products.
Add any other products to be tank mixed.
Apply as a full cover film spray or as a soil drench as applicable.
Conventional application equipment may be used.


Foliar applications are more effective when applied in early morning or late evening and not during the heat of the day.
AgriSil K50 is a salt product and any salt may cause leaf burn if it dries too quickly on the leaf surface. Although reports of Phytotoxicity are rare, evening applications will help to reduce the possibility of leaf burn.
AgriSil K50 on its own, when applied at the correct dosage, will not cause burn. However, if applied in the incorrect conditions, it can become a contributing factor and caution must be taken.
Mixed product must be applied as soon as possible and within 24 hour

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