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If you are using your pH meter daily, you should calibrate it at least once a week.

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The availability of nutrients in your nutrient solution is significantly influenced by the pH of that solution. Lack of vital nutrients that plants require to grow might result from pH levels that are too high or low. Additionally, it may harm good microorganisms in your system or substrate.

Since the coating on an electrode deteriorates over time as it is used, the performance of a pH electrode or pH meter will alter over time due to age. Regular calibration is therefore necessary to verify that it is functioning properly. You should calibrate your pH meter at least once every week if you use it every day.

Use VitaLink Buffer 4 or VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer 7 to calibrate. Your calibration will be more accurate if you make use of both of these buffer options.

The pH value will also be impacted by the solution’s temperature. The pH meter from ESSENTIALS automatically adjusts for temperature. Your pH meter and your calibration fluid must both be at the same temperature in order to be calibrated. Place them in the same room several hours before calibrating in order to do this.

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