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Regular calibration is necessary to maintain accuracy of your EC meter. If you are using your EC meter daily.

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Your nutrient solution’s EC level will affect your plants’ ability to absorb water. If the EC is too high, the roots will be unable to absorb water, and the high ion concentration will be toxic to the plant. If the EC is too low, the plants may go hungry due to a lack of nutrients. Some plants are more sensitive to EC values outside of the optimal range than others, and each species has an EC threshold above which yield is reduced.

VitaLink ESSENTIALS CF Calibration Fluid has a concentration of CF 28 – EC 2.80 – PPM 1820 at 20 degrees Celsius and is an essential accessory for your ESSENTIALS EC Meter.

Calibration is required on a regular basis to keep your EC meter accurate. If you use your EC meter on a daily basis, you should calibrate it at least once a week. When calibrating, your EC meter and calibration fluid must be at the same temperature. To accomplish this, keep them in the same room for several hours before calibrating.

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