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a cost-effective solutions to keeping your Ph at the required levels.


EHG Ph Up and Ph Down are cost-effective solutions to keeping your Ph at the required levels. They are concentrated solutions, therefore add relatively small amounts at a time to bring your reservoir to the required level. With practice you will have a fairly good idea of how much Ph up or down is required. Using EHG nutrients as per the nutrient guide will generally drop water from a neutral Ph of 7 to a Ph of around 6 which is ideal for many plants, nonetheless, proper control and monitoring remains essential. Proper PH control after mixing is vital to ensure nutrient uptake.

Nutrients that claim to be PH buffered can be ineffective. There is no substitute for proper PH monitoring. Use EHG PH up or PH down to maintain the required level before every watering. In recirculating systems, as your plants take up nutrients the PH will change and it must be corrected. Check PH on at least a daily basis unless you are completely familiar with the PH changes of your growing system. Change your reservoir solution at least once a week.

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