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an innovative, user friendly container irrigation multi-outlet dripper arc.

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Netafim NetBow is an innovative, user-friendly multi-outlet dripper arc for container irrigation. NetBowTM was created to meet the needs of high-value soilless pot-irrigated crops like blueberries and cannabis, which require specialized irrigation and fertigation techniques.

Roots develop in every square inch of the container, including the top layer, where root development is critical, ensuring your crops reach their full growth potential and a higher ROI.

Main benefits of Netafim NetBow :

Netafim NetBow’s eight labyrinth dripper outlets ensure uniform water and nutrient delivery across the entire pot. The outlets are placed on top of the growing material, ensuring complete coverage of the growing material in the pot with no gaps.

NetBow is simple to install and connect to a microtube. There is no room for error in dripper outlet positioning during installation because the eight fixed drippers provide complete coverage.

High clogging resistance – Netafim’s patented labyrinth technology is used in the NetBow outlets to ensure uniform water distribution and low clogging risk. The associated hub-dripper is of the same high quality and will provide the NetBow with optimal conditions.

Root intrusion prevention – The NetBow’s labyrinth outlets are always oriented sideways to separate the dripper from the growing medium and create an anti-root gap to prevent root intrusion.

Reduced labor – NetBow’s user-friendly setup and single-action installation make installation, as well as moving and replacing, faster and easier. This significantly reduces the amount of labor required.


Compatible with containers ranging from 20 to 40 litres.
25 cm in diameter.
The hub dripper will determine the flow from each dripping outlet, which will be divided evenly by eight.
Excellent chemical and UV resistance for long-term durability.
Light grey in color for better light reflection.


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