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Cocopearl is a blend of Coco Coir and perlite with zero added amendments.

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Cocopearl is a natural blend of Coco Coir and perlite with no additives. This fundamental blend allows for a wide range of cultivation methods.

Cocopearl can be used as a hydroponic substrate or as a base substrate for adding amendments to create your own “soil” recipe. Cocopearl coir has been sieved, buffered, and washed to achieve an EC of less than 1mS-cm.

Hydroponic base substrate application
“Create a Soil” application
There are no plant nutrients included.
Full nutrient application is required.
Germination of Seeds
Free of pathogens
Weed-free zone
The coco coir has been sieved, buffered, and washed.
Aeration is indicated by the perlite level.


Bacillus Thuringiensis, Coco Coir (Buffered), Perlite (Fungus gnat larvae prevention).

Because of its basic composition, cocopearl has a wide range of applications. Hydroponic cultivation, “Build a soil,” and seed germination are some of the applications. Continuous supply of a full-spectrum inorganic nutrient solution (EC between 1.5 and 2.5 mS-cm) to the plant roots is required for hydroponic cultivation. If no other amendments are added, this is essential for plant growth.

The “build a soil” application necessitates the incorporation of various amendments into the coco pearl substrate in accordance with the soil recipe. Ensure that the coco pearl and amendments are thoroughly mixed before allowing the new blend to mature and settle for 1-2 weeks before planting. If used for seed germination, after seedling emergence, add a full spectrum nutrient solution (EC 1.2mS-cm) to provide essential nutrients for growth.

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