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Bio-Boost will stabilise the internal pH of the plant itself at a lower pH, making it unfavourable or “unpalatable” and thus less susceptible to fungus and insect attacks.

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Bio Boost will stabilise the internal pH of the plant itself at a lower pH, making it unfavourable or “unpalatable” and thus less susceptible to fungus and insect attacks.

Bio-Boost contains essential omega fatty acids (i.e. omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids) in their natural form and a Bio-Boost application will activate, build up, increase and maintain the plant’s own natural resistance or immunity system against diseases and pests, by means of a detoxification process, which will counteract the effects of stress conditions [e.g. drought, heat, cold (frost), waterlogged soil, excessive wind, etc.] in the plant.

The built up of resistance against fungal diseases such as Verticillium spp., Alternaria spp., Fusarium spp., Botrytis spp., Oidium spp., Erysiphe spp., Phytophthora spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Peronospora spp., Plasmopara spp., etc. is achieved by the duplication of systemic “messages” (obtained from pathogen cells) from “cell to cell” within the plant.

Application of Bio-Boost at the correct stage of development increases the physiological and biological processes which cause optimum growth, stronger and healthier root development, better quality and higher yields.

Bio Boost is thus important for the growth and development of the plant, which include cell division, chlorophyll production, fruit setting (fructification or fruiting), transport of nutrients, increased resistance to stress conditions, oxidation and plant metabolism in general.

Trace elements (micro nutrients) contained in Bio-Boost, are most vital and necessary for certain critically important functions within the plant.

Bio Boost is applied or sprayed on various crops such as vines (wine and table grapes), fruit, berries, nuts, lucerne (alfalfa), pastures, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, roses, grain, cereals, etc. preferably before conditions of stress occur.

Bio-Boost plays a major role where one strives for higher yields and better quality, increased fruit firmness, a longer shelf life, better taste and higher sugar content (“brix”).


Bio-Boost is also applied where growth and development of the plant is limited, during conditions of environmental stress, such as intense cold (e.g. frost), water logged soil, drought, excessive heat, wind damage, post herbicide damage (after weed killer damage), etc.



Stimulates production of chlorophyll tissues (cells – chloroplasts), photosynthesis is thus enhanced and improved.

Corrects mineral imbalances within the plant.

Counteracts (stop) apical and pre-magnetic dominance, resulting in more equal budding (foliation).

Improves and accelerates quick recovery after disease (increases absorption and assimilative potential of plant sprays and other plant applications).

Stimulates speedy root development and root growth.

Increases the oxidation process, crucial to the plant’s metabolism and physiological processes.

Improves and enhances better fructification (fruit setting or fruit formation) of all fruit, nuts berries, vegetables, etc.

100 % bio degradable and is non-toxic to humans, animals, plants and the environment.

Dosage: 1 – 1.5ml per 1L of water.

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