Bone Meal 2kg Agricol


Bone Meal Overview |

  • Bone Meal NPK ratio 3-15-0 (This can vary depending on source).
  • Slow release form of Phosphorous.
  • Helps in the development of flowers and fruit.
  • Source of Calcium.
  • Supports robust growth.

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    Sterilized Bonemeal

    Recommended and ideally suited for use in plant holes. Mix 150-250g fertilizer with soil and insert into plant hole. Also very good for the health of pot plants in smaller quantities.


    47.1g/kg N

    97.9g/kg P

    0.8g/kg K

    168.3g/kg CA

    4961mg/kg NA

    87mg/kg FE

    120mg/kg ZN

    Group 1 fertilizer

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