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Our MCG Specialized Medium is specifically designed for
the cultivation of medicinal grade Cannabis.


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Our MCG Specialized Medium was developed specifically for the cultivation of medicinal grade cannabis.

To create a high-quality professional soilless medium, you must ensure that, in addition to using only the highest-quality raw materials, such as our Coco Peat and Perlite, the balance of PH, Water Holding Capacity, Air Porosity, and EC is carefully monitored. We believe we have accomplished all of this through our medium.

In addition to all of this, our manufacturing process must meet a very high standard. As a result, we manufacture our medium in an ISO 9001 / Food Grade Certified facility.

10 Reason to use our Medium:

1) Consistency in product
2) Stable PH (Range 5.7 to 6.5)
3) Ideal Air Porosity and Water Holding Capacity
4) Low EC
5) Clean
6) Free of Pathogens and Parasites
7) Can be used in all stages of growth
8) Cost effective
9) Certificate of Analysis for each Batch
10) Batch numbers provided on each bag (Ensuring

How to use:

Getting dialed is extremely important and we recommend the
following tips:
1) Ascertain your starting PH of nutrient rich water
2) Then take a handful of medium and do a run off test using you
Nutrient Rich water.
3) Ascertain the PH of the runoff.
4) This will then provide you with all the information necessary to
make adjustments to your Nutrient Rich Water in order for you
to reach your desired PH within the medium.
5) We do not advise that you reuse this medium. Once you have
harvested, please discard.

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