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contains a Potent Source of Natural Enzymes.


Natural Enzymes are abundant in BioBizz Acti Vera. Boost your plants’ immune systems and improve nutrient uptake with BioBizz’s concentrated Aloe-Vera formula.

By harnessing the power of this highly revered succulent, you’ll strengthen your crop’s resistance to a wide range of stress factors, such as environmental issues, pests, and diseases, while also increasing growth rates.

All BioBizz products promote healthy microbial activity in the root zone. This boosts yield and root health.

It contains a variety of enzymes that break down dead materials and convert them into edible foods.

Plants’ immune systems are strengthened, increasing their resistance to pests and diseases.

Acti-Vera contains ingredients that act as surfactants, giving it wetting agent properties.

It is classified as a ‘organic botanical activator.’

Increases growth rates and overall vibrancy and vigour.

Not just in soil, but in any medium or system.

Provides excellent results both indoors and outdoors.

It works well as a foliar spray.

Increases metabolic rates, allowing you to make better use of any additional nutrients you add.

It aids in the prevention of root disease.

Increases seed germination rates.

Fully organic and vegan-friendly certification.

How BioBizz Acti Vera Works.

Aloe Vera is an evergreen perennial succulent that has been revered for thousands of years for its extraordinary life-giving properties. Aloe Vera, it turns out, is just as beneficial to plants as it is to humans!

It contains a variety of enzymes that aid in the breakdown of dead materials and make them available to plants as food, while also fostering a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria and fungi.

When you incorporate it into your feeding routine, you can expect to see an overall improvement in health and vitality, as well as faster growth rates and greater resistance to stress. Your plants will be better prepared to deal with issues such as pest infestations, root diseases, and negative environmental changes.

Acti-Vera is an excellent wetting agent because it contains ingredients that act as surfactants. Wetting agents work by decreasing the surface tension of liquids, allowing them to penetrate substrates more effectively and increasing the potency of foliar sprays.
How to Use Acti-Vera:

Acti-Vera can be added to your feeding regimen at the same rate as the rest of the BioBizz range, whether you pot-up with Light-Mix or All-Mix. Dosages are frequently different depending on the starting level of fertiliser in the medium.

It should be used at a rate of 2-5ml per litre of nutrient solution. Acti-Vera can be added right up until the end of the grow and bloom phases.

When used at a rate of 5ml per litre of water, BioBizz Acti Vera also makes an excellent foliar spray.

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