2L Graduated Jug – 20ml Increments


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The 2 liter graduated jug with 20ml increments is an essential tool for measuring and dispensing large volumes of liquid in a variety of settings. Whether you’re working in a laboratory, a medical facility, or a home kitchen, this jug provides accurate and precise measurements that can help you achieve your desired results.

Made from high-quality, food-grade plastic, this graduated jug is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use and maintain its accuracy over time. The clear plastic construction makes it easy to read the graduated markings, while the sturdy handle provides a secure grip and ensures safe handling even when filled to capacity.

The graduated markings on the jug, which are spaced in 20ml increments, make it easy to measure and dispense liquids with a high degree of accuracy. This is especially useful when working with larger volumes of liquid, where small differences in measurement can make a big impact on the outcome of your recipe or experiment.

The 2 liter capacity of this graduated jug is ideal for measuring and dispensing larger volumes of liquid, such as water, oil, and other ingredients used in bulk quantities. The 20ml increments provide excellent control over the amount of liquid being dispensed, allowing you to achieve consistent and accurate results every time.

This graduated jug is perfect for a wide range of applications, including food preparation, laboratory experiments, and industrial processes. It can be used to mix, measure, and dispense liquids, making it a versatile tool for any setting that requires precise liquid handling.

The plastic construction of this graduated jug offers several advantages over glass alternatives. Unlike glass, plastic is lightweight and shatterproof, making it a safer and more practical option for use in busy environments. Plastic is also less prone to breaking, chipping, or cracking, ensuring long-lasting durability even with frequent use.

Cleaning the plastic 2 liter graduated jug with 20ml increments is easy and straightforward. It can be washed with soap and water, or placed in a dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

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