San-O-Agri Light With Trigger


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This is our sanitizing solution specifically formulated for your agricultural needs.


This is our sanitizing solution designed specifically for your agricultural needs. It is completely natural, biodegradable, organic, and environmentally friendly, while also being highly effective against infectious bacteria, mold, fungi, biofilms, algae, and viruses.

Humans, plants, and animals are not harmed by San-O-Agri Light. Due to high demand, this product has been thoroughly tested for its ability to combat Botrytis and powdery mildew.

This product contains purified reverse osmosis H2O, NaCl (Salt), and HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid). This product can be used to treat irrigation/hydroponic systems, indoor growth surfaces/media and apparatus, as a foliar spray, and for post-harvest treatments of all fruits, grains, and vegetables with the proper dilutions (as provided).

Alcohol, ammonia, bleaches, sulfates, copper, phenols, sulfur, iodophors aldehydes, pesticides, fragrances, and silicone are all absent from San-O-Agri Light.

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