Queen of Sheba


Queen of Sheba (3 Pack)

If you were wondering, build wise, expect this lady to be bushy and low-to-medium height – after all, dynamite comes in small packages.



Queen of Sheba (3 Pack)

She’s part legend, part epic tale, but you know what? Queen of Sheba is all about those gorgeous trichomes.
In short, no matter who you are, we can guarantee that you understand the Queen is to be respected. But let’s talk about what makes this woman of the eons tick.
The Queen’s Genetic Makeup
Our Queen of Sheba gets her Indica genetics from two other legendary ladies, Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Our royal matriarch is 85% Indica and 15% Sativa.
To clarify, the Queen is at home indoors or outdoors, this seed is bound to produce enough buds for an entire kingdom. And the subjects of said state will be high as their… highness.
The Slayer’s Growing Profile
As strong as her strong-willed her character, she’s a fairly easy plant to grow. We were equally surprised.
In- or outdoor, the Queen will flourish in any growing medium. Whether you’re rocking a hydroponics unit, or making it at home in an amazing fabric pot, she’s perfect for any home grower.
If you were wondering, build wise, expect this lady to be bushy and low-to-medium height – after all, dynamite comes in small packages.
And with the feminized seeds, you can expect a 9-week flowering period. If you need autoflowering seeds of the Queen you can find them here.
Then, we’re here to tell you that all the stories are true, she is truly beautiful.
The buds she produces are dense, sticky, and sparkling like a crown – but better.
Queen of Sheba, Perfume, Profile, And Experience!
As you’d expect, the Queen is a sherbet-based strain that was truly born into royalty. Expect exotic fruity aromas of melon and mango.
Subsequently, thanks to her desire to own all the jewels, she boasts the most gorgeous trichomes glistening with THC, which can reach over 20% in prime conditions.
Then, the high she’ll deliver is a creative and stress-busting one. And if you need to relax your tense muscles, the Queen delivers a body stone of Biblical proportions.
In conclusion, it’s just one of the reasons why she’s popular with medical and recreational users alike


Genetic Makeup: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties


Indica: 85%


Sativa: 15%


Outdoor: Yes


Indoor: Yes


Yield: XXL


THC Content: High


Effect: Creative and Stress-busting


Flavour: Melon and Mango


Flowering Period: 9 weeks


Feminized: Yes


Photoperiod: Yes

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Photoperiod, Autoflower


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