Gold Label Hydrocorn XL 16-25mm


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RHP and KIWA certified pebbles for a clean and root friendly inert hydroponic substrate.

Pure Quality
Our Hydrocorn, commonly called clay pebbles are manufactured from the purest quality clays and then baked in an open furnace ignited with high-grade clean fuels, which guarantees our pebbles have no heavy metals or other contaminants which can be detrimental to plant health and yields.

RHP Certification
We are the only company that carries RHP certification for our clay pebbles, which makes it the professional growers number one choice of inert hydroponic substrate.

Root Development
The porous structure allows the roots to have a supply of water during low-frequency irrigations, and the misshaped structure gives your root system more structure and stability. The 16-25mm sized pebbles create an oxygen-rich environment, ready for high-frequency watering systems.

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